Couper Gardiner, Founding Director

What does an architect know that can help social change? The business of doing good reflects productive value and puts bread on the table. Strangers working as neighbors offer each other what works, technique, curiosity, art, joy, meaning, and lasting outcomes.

In m.Arch, Couper Gardiner is moving social change through architecture. His 2011 year with education reform and social justice nonprofits made him curious, eliciting measurable organization outcomes, through space change for the school reformers, and through strategy change for the advocates for abused and neglected children.

One client remembers his environmental sense as a couple of years ahead of the game. Others remember the way he has led people to agree, an eye-opening ability to visualize, and finding flexible future scenarios. A classmate’s lasting impression is as creative.

Past academic, aesthetic, business, and technical achievements tip his resume with higher education and higher level commissions. Beneath winning awards, he knows what we all know, without knowing quite how to express it, the deep value in making spaces that are well designed and enjoyable, that join others in positively impacting civic life.

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