m.Arch roots are gifts of time and volunteer strengths. They balance public governance and business, offering charitable support and enabling partners who are less able to pay fair-market rates.

[ ] I would like to apply now.

Mary (Mimi) M. Rook, Director
...m.Arch can move forward and create structures for the income of the people who use them.
With journalism, organizational speech, and writing education, Mimi is a Camp resident, expert in coordinating community gardening for the Camp Washington Community Board, in logistics for the Stock Street Recreation Center Children’s Garden and Playground Build, as activist for the Camp Washington Urban Farm, columnist for Cincinnati Living Green in Streetvibes community newspaper, and 200-hour registered yoga teacher.

Alva (Chip) Tabor, III, Director
...m.Arch as a vehicle for practicing American ideals....During graduate studies I got involved in a low-income housing development/ community group in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The group was deeply involved in ‘Sweat-Equity’ - a relatively new approach that New York City had adopted for building City Housing.... more technical than artistic.
With engineering and post-graduate education in architecture, Chip is an Atlanta resident, expert in mechanical engineering, energy audits, energy modeling, solar heating systems for single and multi-family housing, high efficiency HVAC systems design for residential and commercial buildings, and project management.

Michael Maloney, Adviser

Influential area demographer and author, with deep background in connecting settlement patterns, individual aspirations and social change, Michael Maloney was founding director of the Urban Appalachian Council in Cincinnati and headed the Appalachian Area Office of Catholic Social Services of Southwestern Ohio. His Social Areas of Cincinnati (five editions) provides documentation of how Cincinnati and the metropolis have changed demographically from 1970-2009. His A New God for Our Time is similarly informative and realistic, toward personal creativity, choice, and joy in faith and life.

Rhys D. Reynolds, Adviser, Principal, Howard, Reynolds Associates, a management consulting firm with nonprofit specialty
...In our public charity context, architectural expertise and skill is one level of expertise among others, like business and experiential help. The renter equity program is an example of helping people change their way of thinking, to take ownership in the community.

Brendan O’Sullivan, Adviser, Creative change agent with solid financial, strategic and product development credentials across a broad array of international industries.
...I believe people who are underserved/have had misfortune should be supported by those more fortunate yet I do not believe in "freebies" as an ongoing process….The adjacency of affordable housing and more affluent neighborhoods causes a “clash” from the dramatic juxtaposition of the actual housing structures/ situations. Change that! ...A solution that is attractive and a positive influence ...an architect trying to apply his skills for community/causes as appropriate …It’s a different twist.