A small group shares values toward moving purpose, uniting the business of living and finding the architecture of healthy environments. In ones and twos we open our circles and commit to working in joyful friendships and communities, through lawful acts and activities.

We sense and measure unmet goals in our social spheres, test the fit with our joined strengths, and leverage change. The business model of cross-cultural relationships is returning viable change while growing desperately needed community capacity.

Draw twenty years of joy from civic space and structure impact.
Enjoy choice to live together with work and justice.
Join senses with learning, business and co-creation.
Voice shared building of good places with leaders and minorities.
Shape space for city life with energy, kindness and humility.

Evolve patterns and systems to benefit underserved people.
Plan and design through faith in civic structure and high ideals.
Express lasting values in public art and technology.

For example: